Illegal U-Turns now N5K Wrong overtaking of other vehicles, N5K You must learn how to overtake vehicles in Kaduna

For those of you who smoke, smoking while driving in Kaduna now attracts a fine of N10K.

Penalty is usually the best practice to making citizens behave well. The traffic penalties from #KASTELEA is an example.

Driving without a strapped seat belt for both driver and front seat passengers attracts a fine of N5K

If you car gets towed, that’s another extra N5K.

For those who drive trailers, tankers or tippers, driving with non functional lamps attracts N20K in Kaduna now

Drivers of commercial vehicles must provide dustbins. Failure to provide that attracts a fine of N1K

Throwing of refuse from moving vehicles now attracts a fine of N1K in Kaduna.

It doesn’t stop at roads. Non clearance of drainage in commercial areas attracts a fine of N10K while residential areas N5K.

To block any road for celebrations, you need a permit. Blocking of roads for celebrations without permits attracts a fine of N20K.

Non provision of public conveniences by owners of petrol stations, cinemas, supermarkets, restaurants etc attracts a fine of N5K.

Failure to keep to the restriction of movement on sanitation days attracts a fine of N5K.

Overloading of commercial vehicles now attracts a fine of N5K.

Parking or stopping to pick passengers other than at designated bus stops will attract a fine of N5K.

“Abeg” no dey oh when you violate any traffic or environmental rule. Na money you go pay. Know the rules and avoid violating them.


Ledak Dafer.

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