Please be STRONGLY advised of the potential risk and danger of electrocution faced in the use of the bath tub/shower water taps and hot water heater.

Last week, a vibrant lady just a couple of days to her 50th birthday, got electrocuted and died while having a bath in their home in Lagos. She was found stuck to the shower water tap, clearly being electrocuted. It was confirmed that the problem most probably came from the water heater, where it has allowed electricity to mix with water (malfunctioning water heating unit).

My candid advice and take on this is that all my loved ones, friends and persons I know do ensure that the water heater is switched off from the wall prior to getting into the bath or under the shower.

Particular attention should be given to the use of water heater facilities afforded during short stays at hotels, friends or relations lodges.

Under no circumstance should the bathroom water heater ‘SWITCH’ be left ‘ON’ while having or getting under the shower or into bath tub.

Please share this important information with friends and loved ones accordingly.

As  God continues to protect us from anything harmful to our dear lives,  let’s be very careful!


Ledak Dafer.

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