It gives me great pleasure to provide some introductory thoughts to this document which arrives at an important turning point in the history of the Bar in Jos.
When the idea for doing a Bar Directory in Jos was first muted, it was welcomed by every Legal Practitioner in Jos even many expressed misgivings as to the possibility of carrying out the task. We have had three updates since then as result of the success story of the first edition, 2006, 2008 and 2011 and the numbers of subscribed members have continued to be on increase since the first edition.

The Bar Directory is a very important and useful tool for the Legal Practitioner because the knowledge of the law does not reside in one person. This document makes available to every Legal Practitioner in Jos and across the Country the addresses and numbers of colleagues practicing in Jos who can be readily reached for information, assistance or further clarification on any naughty legal issue. No doubt this explains why Lord Denning (Master of Rolls) is quoted to have said, “No-attorney is bound to know all the law; God forbid that it should be imagined that an attorney, or a counsel, or even a Judge is bound to know all the law.”

I say this document arrives at an important turning point in the history of Jos Bar particularly in the light of the move to create the Jos Bar website where the information contained herein will be uploaded and can be easily accessed by colleagues and Litigants all over the world. I commend this document to my colleagues.

I commend the members of the Editorial Committee for a job well-done and congratulate the Nigerian Bar Association, Jos for sustaining this laudable project.

Thank you.