The Nigerian Bar Association is a non-profit umbrella professional association of all lawyers admitted to the Bar in Nigeria. It is engaged in the promotion and protection of human rights, the rule of law and good governance in Nigeria. The Jos Bar whose office is located in the city of Jos, Plateau State is a Branch of the Nigerian Bar Association.

It has well over Six Hundred members with offices all over the state and beyond. Its organizational structure comprises the general members of the Branch, the Executive Council members (EXCO) and the Committees.

The Nigerian Bar Association is a principled, people-centered organization which takes, with all seriousness, its leading role in advancing the needed reform of the Nigerian legal system towards the promotion of the rule of law and good governance. The Jos Branch of the Association is committed to strengthening the legal skills and law practice of its members by improving their practice in order to meet the needs of the 21stcentury. To achieve these roles, it seeks to reposition its ever growing membership to embrace and cope with changes occasioned by globalization, information technology and economic development to enhance its capacity to compete in the local, national and the globalised market.


The Jos Bar draws its conceptual definition directly from the National body which is to be in the vanguard for the promotion and defence of rule of law, good governance, social justice and the unity of all persons.


To lead or rank among the foremost in the country.


TO use the law as an instrument for social change.


Promotion of the rule of law, good governance and professionalism.


  • Promotion and protection of the principles of the rule of law and respect for enforcement of fundamental rights and human rights.
  • Improvement of the system of administration of justice, its procedure and arrangement of Court business.
  • Promotion and protection of the right of access to Courts and representation of litigants by counsel before all Courts and Tribunals.
  • Maintenance and defence of the integrity and independence of the Bar and the Judiciary in the state.
  • Maintenance of the highest standard of professional conduct, etiquette and discipline.
  • Promotion of good relationship and cooperation among members of the branch and members of other Branches.
    Promotion and advancement of legal education, continuing legal education, advocacy, jurisprudence, law reporting and branch law library.
  • Designing and maintaining a website for the Branch.
  • Establishment of schemes for the promotion of Welfare, security and Economic advancement of members of the Branch.
  • Creation of schemes for the encouragement of qualified members and assistance to aged or incapacitated members of the Branch.
  • Creation and maintenance of the Endowment Fund for the proper observance and discharge of any of these aims and objects.
Meet The Team

John Mantu Esq.


David P. Dusu Esq.

Welfare Secretary

Sunday S. Obende, Esq.

Co-opted EXCO member

Rabiatu Abdullahi Musa Esq.

Co-opted EXCO member

N.T. Komak, Esq

Financial Secretary

Niri Isaac Darong, Esq.

Immediate past Branch Secretary

Stephen T. Abar

Co-opted EXCO member

Anthony W. Chatallas

Legal Adviser

Leah D. Hassan (Mrs.)

Vice Chairman

Tan P. Chigero, Esq.

Social Secretary

Solomon D. Maren, Esq.

Asst. Secretary

Akila P. Kasham, Esq.

Publicity Secretary
Let all lawyers remain gentlemen of the bar  for good of the profession.
Falade Bankole Member Bankole Falade & Company
Falling ethical and professional standards must be arrested.
Rimdan Domven Member D.D.Rimdan & Co.
The profession must be seen to awake to exposing injustice, extolling justice and defending the voiceless.
Augustine Onyema Barrister Onyeka August Onyema & Co.
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